We support

  • Expanded recreational opportunities that boost our economy and employment
  • Affordable housing and mixed-used waterfront development that creates real jobs and careers for our young people.
  • Conservation of wildlife, wetlands and irreplaceable features of the Hudson River and protected South Bay wetlands
  • Adherence by city to its own stated vision of the waterfront—and strict enforcement of our zoning laws
  • Truck free streets: the waterfront vs. safer streets should not be either/or

We oppose

  • Industrialization incompatible with the city’s own vision of its future
  • Increased noise, dust and pollution that reduce public enjoyment and productive development
  • Lax and ineffectual enforcement of our zoning laws
  • Destruction of South Bay wetlands to accommodate the desires of non-Hudson companies—and development that will create few, if any, jobs for Hudson’s people

Great Waterfront vs. Public Safety? We demand both!

Right now, Greenport-based Colarusso & Sons seeks to re-industrialize our waterfront and build a destructive two-lane truck way across our protected wetlands. To get what they want, they are holding the city’s First, Second and Fourth Wards hostage, running heavy trucks through our city, threatening public safety, and damaging our streets and buildings.

We reject the notion that we must sacrifice our waterfront to move dangerous truck traffic from our streets. A great city must not choose between an excellent waterfront and public safety.

As a great small city, we deserve both.